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Day 8 – Scrum Meetings, Skiing and Snow Hiking

From the morning to the early afternoon we had very productive hours – then it was time for a break so we went skiing and snow hiking. Afterwards the next working phase started – some of the group even kept on working until the early night hours.

Day 7 – Scrum meetings, short lecture and first presentations of prototypes

The first deadline for our games was pending – all day long the groups worked together so that we would finally be able to presentate as developed projects as possible in the evening.

Day 6 – Scrum Meetings

Due to the weather it was not possible to have another skiing trip like the one on thursday. So we could use time for developing further the games.

Day 5 – Game-Poster Presentation, Scrum Meetings

After the Game-Poster Presentation with Mechanics in the morning we started with our Scrum Meetings, in which we tried to devide our goal to complete a serious game into several, specific tasks via project management.

Day 1 – Welcome to Vorarlberg!

Today all students met in the Fachhochschule for the first time. After a brief introduction to the IP serious game event we learned about typical austrian respectively vorarlbergian values and habits. Doris teached us about intercultural qualities by letting us play group games. Then every group presented their ideas for a serious game.