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Day 2 – Trip to Illwerke

In the morning we had a lecture about Scrum Meetings, afterwards we met in our groups to have our first own meeting.

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At 11.20 we met for lunch and left Dornbirn at 11.50, heading towards Illwerke. There we had an excursion into the mountain, to the heart of the powerplant. After the trip we listened to an interesting lecture about the history, architecture and functionality of the modern powerplant.

Close to the Illwerk powerplant we then had our dinner.

Day 1 – Welcome to Vorarlberg!

Today all students met in the Fachhochschule for the first time. After a brief introduction to the IP serious game event we learned about typical austrian respectively vorarlbergian values and habits. Doris teached us about intercultural qualities by letting us play group games. Then every group presented their ideas for a serious game.


Social Program Overview


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 Dornbirn Cinema Boardgames Skiing/Hiking Pub Crawl Skiing, Feldkirch
2 Bregenz Skiing/Snow Shoe Schattenburg

The first and last evening are mandatory and we’ll also welcome you very warmly on tuesday to the short movie evening as well as to the Open End Board Gaming on Wednesday – but everything else is optional 😉 Our students have prepared a wide variety of events and would be happy to show you Dornbirn and the surrounding areas. Please enroll for the different events with “Doodle”: ONLINE REGISTRATION.

Please register only for events that you are interested in. Some events can be joined spontaneously but some require reservations in advance. Please keep that in mind and be aware of the deadlines! For all who are interested in skiing: please fill in your personal data in a seperate list provided by Karl-Heinz and deposit 20€ on the first day.



DornbirnEvent: Dornbirn Sightseeing, Dinner
Location of Event: Dornbirn City
Meeting Point: Foyer of the University of Applied Sciences
Date: Monday, 28.1.
Time: after the afternoon session
Costs (estimated): dinner and one drink included, additional costs depend on your thirst 😉
Contact persons:
Ali Gümüs
Philipp Spiegel
Abstract: We will show you the most important landmarks in the city. Starting from super markets nearby, swimming hall or bakeries, ending at some churches, the Red House, etc. At the end we will have dinner together at the Paolo & Andrea pizzeria.

Event: ALPINALE movie evening
Location of Event: University of Applied Sciences
Meeting Point: W211
Date and Time: Tuesday, 29.1.
Time: 19:00
Costs (estimated): movies and snacks for free!
Contact person:
Andreas Künz
Abstract: The ALPINALE short film festival starts its festival year with a visit at the FH Vorarlberg. Enjoy about 90 minutes of amazing, funny, intense short films from universities and film schools all over the world. Language and/or subtitles in English!

BoedeleEvent: Skiing – quick&dirty
Location of Event: Dornbirn, Bödele
Meeting Point: Foyer University of Applied Sciences
Date: 31.1.
Time: 12:20
Costs (estimated): 22€ ticket, ~35€ rental
Contact person:
Karl-Heinz Weidmann
Abstract: Not the biggest and best skiing region – but the closest! And still good enough for some hours of fun in the sun! In the first week we are planning to go skiing either on Thursday or Friday, depending on the weather (forecast)! In the second week it’s going to be either Monday or Wednesday afternoon. For those who don’t want to go skiing but still want to enjoy the snow we offer hiking (first week) and snow shoe hiking (second week) as alternatives.
Bus: from FH Vorarlberg Stadtbus 2 leaving at 12:27 to Klostergasse, change to Landbus 38 to Bersbuch. Leave bus at ~12:53 at Schwarzenberg Bödele. Bus back 16:33 Landbus 38 to Klostergasse. Walk back to FH Vorarlberg or take Stadtbus 3.

KarrenEvent: Karren Hiking
Location of Event: Dornbirn, mountain
Meeting Point: Foyer of the University of Applied Sciences
Date: 31.1.
Time: afternoon, 12:30
Contact persons:
Andrea Penz
Helena Lukjanenko
Costs (estimated):  ~6€ for cable car downhill
Abstract: We will spend a nice afternoon, walking up Dornbirn’s local mountain for 1,5 hours, enjoying the view on
top. We go back down again by cableway. Bring your best shoes 😉

SohmEvent: Pub Crawling
Location of Event: Dornbirn City and surrounding
Meeting Point: Foyer of the University of Applied Sciences
Date: Friday, 1.2.
Time: evening after working sessions, 20:00
Contact persons:
Michael Beer
Lukas Ender
Costs (estimated): No entry fees, except of Conrad Sohm (usually around 10 Euro)
Abstract: Crawling from one Pub to the next in Dornbirn. Every Pub on the list got a different Genre: 7er Bar (Rock), Hämmerle Bar, Mr John’s & Sambala (pop music and shisha bar in the upper level), Grüner Pavillion, Conrad Sohm (grab a cab)
Pub Crawling PDF Download with map



LechCANCELED due to weather conditions

Event: Skiing – Big Fun
Location of Event: Lech am Arlberg
Meeting Point: Railway Station Dornbirn
Date: Saturday, 2.2.
Time: 7:50 Dornbirn
Costs (estimated): 47€ entry, ~35€ rental
Contact person:
Karl-Heinz Weidmann
Michael Beer
Abstract: You have to catch the RJ 561 railjet from Dornbirn to Vienna/Wien Westbahnhof at 7:51 a.m. on your own (platform 2). Depending on the number of participants a waggon might be reserved for you. Karl-Heinz is going to join you about 20 min. later in Feldkirch and will lead you from there to the final destination Lech Rüfliplatz (arrival: 9:20). Enjoy a nice day at the best skiing region in Europe 😉 You’re going back at 16:33 by bus and train (Landbus 91 to Langen, RJ 564 railjet to Lindau). Arrival in Dornbirn: 18:00.
Lech Skiing PDF Download

Event: Feldkirch – Sightseeing, Concert
Location of Event: Feldkirch City
Meeting Point: Railway Station Feldkirch
Date: 2.2.2013
Time: 16:30 Dornbirn, 17:00 Feldkirch
Costs (estimated): ~15€ for eating
Contact persons:
Manuel Tscholl
Daniel Kuschny
Abstract: We will meet at the railway station in Feldkirch. Take the train at 16:30 from Dornbirn to Feldkirch (platform 2). After that we will take a look at some important places in Feldkirch. Walk on the same cobblestone as Daniel Craig 😉 After that we will eat in a Mexican restaurant (or something else – your choice ;-)), to prepare for the Monster-concert. There will be many “Guggenmusik bands”. Guggenmusik is something traditional while carnival, it’s acoustically music usually played with trumpets, drums and clash cymbals. There is a carnival mass in the Dome of Feldkirch starting at 19:00 The concerts take place from 20:00 before the dome, Sparkasse and in the Market Street. Open end at the Reichenfeld, again with “Guggamusic”.



Event: Sightseeing in Bregenz
Location: Bregenz Lake and City
Meeting Point:Train Station in Bregenz
Date and Time: 4.2.
Time: 17:39 Dornbirn, 17:50 Bregenz
Costs (estimated): for the dinner (optional) with something to drink about 15€
Contact persons:
Patrick Füssinger
Martin Balter
Abstract: Take the REX from Dornbirn to Bregenz, leaving at 17:39 on platform 1. We will meet at the train station in Bregenz to start the tour. First we will go to the festival house and have a look at the worldwide biggest lake stage (Seebühne – James Bond was there, too!). After that we will walk along the lake promenade where we will have nice look at Lindau, which is a small city located at the Lake of Constance in Germany. We will reach the harbor and leave the lake to wander through the historical part of the city. After the tour we will have dinner and some drinks together.

BoedeleEvent: Skiing – quick&dirty
Location of Event: Dornbirn, Bödele
Meeting Point: Foyer University of Applied Sciences
Date: 6.2.
Time: 12:20
Costs (estimated): 22€ ticket, ~35€ rental
Contact person:
Karl-Heinz Weidmann
Abstract: same as in first week

Snow Hiking
Event: Snowshoe hiking
Location of Event: Bödele (Lustenauer Hütte)
Meeting Point: Foyer University of Applied Sciences
Date: 6.2. as alternative to skiing
Time: 12:20
Costs (estimated): 7€ for snowshoe rent
Contact persons:
Stephan Svoboda
Bernhard Breuss
Abstract: Enjoy the sun and snow! We are going by bus (25 minutes) to the Bödele where we rent snow shoes (if there is snow). From Bödele bus stop we walk to Lustenauer Hütte (about an hour) and back. If we have enough time we can also eat and drink something there. Please bring weatherproof shoes and clothing.
Bus: from FH Vorarlberg Stadtbus 2 leaving at 12:27 to Klostergasse, change to Landbus 38 to Bersbuch. Leave bus at ~12:53 at Schwarzenberg Bödele. Bus back 16:33 Landbus 38 to Klostergasse. Walk back to FH Vorarlberg or take Stadtbus 3.

Event: Final Evening in Feldkirch
Location: Feldkirch Schattenburg
Meeting Point:Train Station in Dornbirn
Date and Time: Friday, 7.2.
Time: 18:21
Costs (estimated): for more drinks if you are thirsty
Contact person:
Karin Wüstner-Dobler
Abstract: We leave together at 18:21 from Dornbirn to Feldkirch, taking the REX train on platform 2. In Feldkirch, Karin is going to lead you to the Schattenburg, a medieval castle housing a nice restaurant. It’s famous for it’s Wiener Schnitzel so you might give that a try. The best connection back to Dornbirn is the railjet at 23:51 from platform 4, the last train leaves at 1:00. You’ll have about 15 minutes from the castle to the railway station Feldkirch by foot.



Event: Rolls Royce Museum 
Location of Event: Gütle 11a, Dornbirn
Meeting Point: FH Vorarlberg / University of Applied Sciences
Date and Time: from 01. 02. every day except Monday 10:00 – 17:00
Costs: per adult 9€, groups > 10 persons 7€. Additional 7€ for guided tour (recommended!)
Abstract:  We will spend a nice and informative evening, reminiscing about good old times.  The museum shows
the worldwide most significant Rolls‐Royce collection.

Event: Carnival procession Feldkirch
Location of Event: Feldkirch
Meeting Point: Dornbirn Main Station
Date and Time: Sunday, 3.2.2013, 12:45. The event isn’t organized by a local student.
Costs: 4€
Abstract: Carnival traditionally represents the time of year when the reign of the cold, grim winter spirits is over and these spirits are being hunted down and expelled. In Vorarlberg the carnival is celebrated at processions / parades. The carnival procession in Feldkirch is the most popular in Vorarlberg and is also aired live on national television. Catch the S-Bahn or REX to Feldkirch and back. One way takes 30 minutes max.Start of the procession is at 13:30, afterwards there is a party at the “Reichenfeld”.