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Random Impressions

© André Oliveira 2012


There are just lucky winners 🙂

Presenting the Games and trying out

Day 11 – Everything is done

Tomorrow will be the presentations. I am curious what the other teams did!

Day 10 – We keep on working

We keep on working. There is just one day left!

Day 9 – Lecture on Ethics by HiST. Bjørn Klefstad

At this lecture we got chocolate for participation. We like!

Day 8 – Standup Meeting

Every day starts with a Standup Meeting. Everybody has to tell what he has done yesterday and will do today.

Day 8 – Lecture by Karl‐Heinz Weidmann, Andreas Künz

After a great lecture of Karl-Heinz Weidmann we played the settlers to see where the differences are between on board and online games. We really enjoyed playing!

© André Oliveira 2012

Day 7 – Some Impressions

Day 6 – Visiting the Heineken Brewery

Now we know how beer is brewed! And of course we got also beer to drink. 😉